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Me As...


 Me as carpenter.


Me as today.

Meas.jpgRamallah, Me as smoker.  


U.s.a. Me as introspection. 

measbrokenreflection.jpgMe as broken reflection.

meastaxidriver.jpgWest Bank, Ramallah, Me as taxi driver.

Measmadness.jpgIndia, Me as madness.


- "Ho visto cose" opening June 21 at Galleria Ceribelli

- 306books are now for sale at DASHWOOD BOOKS

- July 2nd 2014, Mexico "La Bestia" slide show at Piccolo Teatro for La Milanesiana 2014.

- Q /A Theo Volpatti at

-306books publishing house now open!

- "Saluti da Ravenna" project curated by Silvia Loddo for Osservatorio Fotografico. 

-  "Caranguejeiros" book available at La Milanesiana 2013 book store (every night), click to see where:   

 -  June 19th 2013, "Captains of the night" slideshow at TeatroOutoff for La Milanesiana 2013.

-  "Brooklyn Playgrounds" published on Sportweek, Oct.27 2012

-  Project Detroit " Dog rescue story" published on Rolling Stone, May. 2012

- "Karelia story" published on Le Monde, Jan. 2012

- "Trans siberian window" video projected at La Milanesiana 2011.

- "In Transit" portfolio in 24 Magazine.

- Nominated for the Paul Huf Award 2011.

- "Stolen Identity" presented at photo book art fair 2010 at Moma Ps1

- "Stolen Identity" published in Foam Magazine, Talent 2010

- Article by Von Ralf Zimmermann

- "Project Detroit" on Le Monde Magazine Hors-Série.